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The project '#BETHEREFORYOURMATE' is a project initiated in 2019 by Studio Michael van Kekem to raise attention for mental health and suicide.

We all go through different stages in life. A traumatizing experience, a loss of a loved one or an accident preventing you from doing what you love to do can all be causes for depression. Unfortunately, without good help, depression can lead up to several severe mental disorders or death.

Via the hashtag #BETHEREFORYOURMATE, I hope to draw attention to something very important, which is still something we don't dare to discuss and talk about with eachother.

Share your stories. Big or small.
Listen to eachother. 
Love everyone.

For this project a series of stickers, posters and patches were designed. These products can be found in the online store. All proceeds will go to foundations that stimulate helping people struggling with mental health issues and suicide.

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